The Signs of My Honda's Transmission Going Out

by Joshua Black
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Your Honda's transmission is an essential part of the proper operation of your car. The transmission in an automatic Honda changes the gear ratios so that your engine can operate as efficiently as possible, no matter your speed or the incline on which you're traveling. There are some telltale warning signs that your Honda's transmission may be starting to fail. If you do not maintain your transmission on a regular basis, the odds of premature failure are greatly increased.

Slow Shifting When the Engine is Cold

If your Honda is having trouble shifting to the next gear when the engine is cold, with either hard or slow shifting, your transmission may be in need of maintenance soon. The trouble is caused by an increased level of friction amongst the moving parts of your transmission.


The transmission is slipping out of gear while you are driving at a steady speed, or the transmission up-shifts and then immediately drops out of gear. There will be an audible change in engine noise, as well an increase or sharp decrease in the rotations per minute (rpm) of the engine.

Increased Coasting Time

Take your foot off the gas once your vehicle has reached a speed of 35 to 40 miles per hour. If your Honda does not immediately slow down, then your transmission may be reacting slower than it should. If the rpm gauge is reading over 3,500 while you're coasting, your transmission may not be downshifting properly.

Delayed Acceleration in a Warm Engine

Quickly accelerate your Honda after driving it at a steady speed once the engine is warm. You should notice a quick up-shift in the transmission. A lag in acceleration may indicate that the transmission is not able to shift quickly enough.

Knocking or Clunking When Shifting

The transmission should shift smoothly between gears. Any knocking or clunking sounds that appear as your vehicle changes gears may indicate increased wear or failure in the transmission.

Fluid Leaks

Transmission fluid is what protects all the moving parts inside your Honda's transmission. Without the fluid, the parts grind together and create premature wear. Any sign of a fluid leak is cause for concern.

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