Transmission Problems With a Mazda 626

by Aaron Marquis
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The transmission in your Mazda 626 transfers the torque produced by the engine to the front wheels of the car. The Mazda 626's transmission is prone to a few problems that are caused by the mechanical and electrical components of the system.

Pump Problems

The transmission pump on your Mazda 626, regardless of its model year, is prone to gasket problems. This pump provides continuous hydraulic fluid to the torque converter. When the gasket fails, fluid will leak out of the transmission.

Speedometer Gear

The speedometer gear in your pre-1994 Mazda 626 may suddenly fail, which causes the meter to give imprecise readings. The speedometer gears in the transmission must be replaced to avoid this problem.


Older Mazda 626 vehicles (specifically, those built before 1994) have transmission fluid cooling problems during higher rpm operation. The transmission cooler in your Mazda is not large enough to cool all of the fluid, which can lead to torque converter lockups. Avoid driving your 626 at high rpms in a low gear for prolonged periods.

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