What is the Difference Between a C4 & a C5 Transmission?

by Stanley Goff
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Ford introduced the C4 automatic transmission in 1964 and discontinued it in 1982. A modified version of the C4, the C5 automatic transmission, was introduced in 1982. The C5 was phased out in 1986.

Lock-Up Clutch

Both the C4 and the C5 were medium-duty, three-speed transmissions. The main C5 modification was a lock-up clutch to improve gas mileage on the highway.

Housing and Stick Changes

The C4 adapter housing was made of cast iron, whereas the C5's was made of aluminum. The C4 was a case fill transmission with the dipstick in the case; the C5 employed a pan fill with the dipstick in the pan.

C4 Makes and Models

The C4 transmission was used in the 73-77 Bronco, 74-82 Cortina, 65-83 F-Series trucks, 64-70 Fairlane, 78-83 Fairmont, 65-70 Falcon, 75-82 Granada, 75-80 LTD, 70-77 Maverick, 65-81 Mustang, 65-79 Ranchero, 68-81 Ford Thunderbird, 68-76 Torino, 64-81 Lincoln, 77-80 Lincoln Versailles, 74-80 Mercury Bobcat, 72-81 Mercury Capri, 64-77 Mercury Comet, 67-81 Mercury Cougar, 75-80 Mercury Monarch, 68-76 Mercury Montego and 78-81 Mercury Zephyr.

C5 Makes and Models

The C5 transmission was used in the 86 Aerostar, 83-86 Ranger, 83-85 Bronco II, 82-86 Ford LTD, 82-86 Thunderbird, 82-86 Mercury Capri, 82-86 Mercury Cougar, 83-86 Mercury Marquis and 83 Mercury Zephyr.

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