Honda CR80 Specifications

by Wes Walcott
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With a top speed in excess of 80 mph, the Honda CR 80 is one of the fastest and most affordable motorcycles in the short-stroke engine category. Although Honda halted production of the CR 80 motocross bike in 2008, there are still many that remain in circulation and can be found at used motorcycle stores and auto traders.


The CR 80 R was outfitted with a 5.06 cubic inch liquid-cooled single-cylinder two-stroke engine. With a 1.85 inch bore and 1.88 inch stroke, the motorcycle fell under the short-stroke engine category and was capable of generating 20.39 horsepower at 12,000 rpm.


The manual six-speed chain transmission on the CR 80 R used a clutch that was immersed in a cool, lubricating fluid. By keeping gear surfaces clean, the "wet" clutch prolonged the life of the motorcycle and helped maintain a smooth shifting performance.


The cartridge-type telescopic fork suspension provided 10.79 inches of travel in the front of the CR 80 R while the mono shock, swingarm suspension provided an equal 10.79 inches of travel in the rear.


Both the front and rear of the the CR 80 R were equipped with single-disc brakes.

Fuel Capacity

The CR 80 R featured a 1.80 gallon fuel tank.


The CR 80 R had a seat height of 32.8 inches, a wheelbase of 49.09 inches and 12.6 inches of ground clearance. The dry weight of the motorcycle was 143.1 pounds.

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