John Deere 310A Fluid Types

by David Ferris
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John Deere manufactures an array of equipment, though the brand is most often associated with the tractor. The 310A is a heavy-duty backhoe loader. It has a four-cylinder, 58 horsepower engine and measures 24 feet long and seven feet tall. The machine uses a number of fluids in its normal operation.

Hydraulic Fluid

Hydraulic fluid may be the most functionally important fluid, crucial for getting done what backhoes are made for. The fluid powers the hydraulic arm that lifts and lowers the backhoe and loader. It has three cubic inches of fluid capacity and a standby pressure of 2,300 pounds per square inch (PSI). The company recommends using HyGuard transmission fluid.

Oil and Fuel

The 310A runs on diesel fuel. Its oil capacity is nine quarts. John Deere recommends Plus 50-15W 40 for its four-cylinder diesel engines.


Cooling fluid keeps the backhoe from overheating. The 310A runs on a liquid cooling system whose capacity is 16 quarts.


The 310A transmission is an eight-speed collar shift with hydraulic reverser. Its pump flow is 10.5 gpm. John Deere suggests using low-viscosity Hy-Guard transmission fluid.

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