How to Bleed a Clutch on a Chevy Truck

by Alibaster Smith

The clutch on a Chevy truck is a hydraulic system that needs to be bled annually to prevent air from building up in the clutch fluid lines. When there is air in the clutch line, you will not be able to disengage the clutch. As a result, you will end up grinding the transmission gears, potentially causing damage to them. To prevent this, you need to bleed the clutch on your Chevy truck.

Step 1

Slide the 10mm wrench over the clutch slave cylinder valve nut. The slave cylinder is located on the backside of the engine on most Chevy trucks near the transmission and clutch assembly. This cylinder pumps fluid to the clutch assembly for engagement and disengagement.

Step 2

Fit the clutch bleeder line over the end of the valve on the clutch slave cylinder.

Step 3

Place the clutch bleeder line into the catch pan.

Step 4

Ask an assistant to pump the clutch pedal several times and then hold the clutch pedal to the floor. Do not let up on the clutch pedal.

Step 5

Turn the valve nut counterclockwise to open it. Air and clutch fluid will escape. When the flow of air bubbles and clutch fluid stops, retighten the valve.

Step 6

Repeat steps 4 and 5 until there are no more air bubbles in the clutch line. Periodically check the clutch fluid level and add clutch fluid so that the fluid level stays between the upper and lower marks on the clutch reservoir tank mounted on the driver's side of the firewall.

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