How to Bleed the Clutch on a 1993 Honda Accord

by Justin Moore

When you depress the clutch pedal, the 1993 Accord's clutch slave cylinder uses the hydraulic pressure from the master cylinder to push in the shift fork and retract the clutch from the flywheel, allowing you to shift gears. If you push the Accord's clutch pedal and it does not fully disengage the clutch, or if the pedal feels too spongy, bleed the system.

Step 1

Fill the clutch master cylinder reservoir with brake fluid.

Step 2

Have someone pump the clutch pedal several times, then hold it to the floor.

Step 3

Locate the clutch slave cylinder on the side of the transmission, toward the front of the car.

Step 4

Use the wrench to open the bleeder valve located on the side of the clutch slave cylinder. Open it only enough for fluid and air to escape.

Step 5

Close the bleeder once fluid stops running out. Release the clutch pedal.

Step 6

Push the clutch pedal to the floor and hold it.

Step 7

Open the bleeder valve until fluid stops running out. Close the bleeder valve.

Step 8

Repeat the steps several times until the clutch pedal no longer feels spongy.

Step 9

Start the vehicle and make sure that it shifts properly.

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