How do I Look Up a License Plate in Washington?

by Lane Cummings
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Before the Internet, if you were the victim of a fraud or in a hit-and-run in which the other driver fled the scene, you would have to make a formal request with the Department of Motor Vehicles of the particular state in which the driver had licensed his plate. Today, you can instantly access a person's basic information, such as first and last name, address, model and make of car and other items, on the Internet. If you need to look up a license plate in Washington state, there are a number of websites to which to turn.

Step 1

Visit, or Type in the license plate number you are trying to look up. Make sure the box marked "State" is set to "Washington". Verify the license plate is spelled correctly.

Step 2

On, click on the "search" button to the left of the screen. On the following page, see how much it will cost for the service. For example, if you only want to look up one license plate, select the lowest fee, $14.99. If you want five years of unlimited access to the site, select the fee of $22.99.

Enter your credit card information on the following page. Click the "Pay Now" button, and you will be directed to another page that gives you the information about the license plate number you requested.

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