How to Get on a Payment Plan to Pay Off My Traffic Ticket

by Greyson Ferguson
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No matter what the traffic violation is, the ticket is almost always going to be pricey. If you receive a traffic ticket, you may find you can't afford it right away. If this occurs you need to find out if you can pay off the traffic ticket on a payment plan. Although this isn't always available in all areas, it is worth a shot to do some investigating. Doing so can help you avoid any late payments and possibly larger fines.

Step 1

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Look at your traffic ticket. There is going to be a phone number for the county or city court's office where the ticket originated from.

Step 2

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Call the number on the ticket and make your way through the operating service until you are connected to an operator.

Step 3

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Ask the operator about any payment plans the court offers. The operator is going to tell you if this option is made available. If not, tell the operator you want to fight the ticket and set up a court date.

Step 4

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Appear before the judge on the court date. There is no need for a lawyer. Tell the judge you are not trying to fight the ticket but that you can't afford the entire lump sum and are asking for a payment plan. More than likely, the judge is going to arrange a payment plan or at worst give you an extension on your ticket.

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