How To Avoid and Deal with Toll Road Violations

by Editorial Team
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Toll violations are costly. When you could just have paid a few dollars (hopefully), you now end up owing 10 times that to the state. Follow these basic guidelines and tips to help avoid this from happening.

Step 1

Know your route. If you're aware there is a toll on the way to your destination, make sure you have the money for it or that you have a fast lane pass or whatever your state uses for frequent passage fee collection.

Step 2

If you haven't been to your intended destination before but will be taking the highway, be prepared. You should keep at least $10 cash on you and $4 in change. This is typically more than enough for any random toll you should encounter.

Step 3

Pay attention. If you're using a GPS and you hit a plaza, read the signs instead of the GPS. Make sure you get into the correct lane at the toll plaza or you will end up with a violation. Also, make certain that any U-turns or roundabout options you have do not involve the fast lane pass program, or you may end up with a letter a month later with a picture of your plates and a hefty violation fee.

Step 4

You got a violation. Here is the sad truth. The good news is that it doesn't affect your insurance or driving records in anyway. The bad news is that you will probably not win any appeal. Pay the fine and learn from the mistake.

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