How to Cancel a Fidelity Extended Warranty

by Kyle Sanstrom
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Fidelity Warranty Services is an automotive insurance company that provides extended warranties for vehicles that are beyond the factory warranty coverage period. Extended warranties function much like the factory warranties and allow the vehicle owner to have repairs performed on their vehicle without having to pay the full cost of the repair. Extended warranties can also be canceled if the vehicle owner chooses to stop or discontinue the coverage.

Step 1

Locate the original extended warranty paperwork. Note the account number and vehicle information specific to the warranty you wish to cancel.

Step 2

Call the local dealership where you purchased your extended warranty coverage. Inform the dealership that you wish to cancel the coverage. Supply the dealer with the specific warranty account number and vehicle make and model.

Step 3

Drive to the dealership and complete the necessary cancellation paperwork. The dealership will inform you of the effective date of your coverage termination.

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