How to Find a License Plate Owner in Minnesota

by Shannon Johnson

Reverse license plate searches can be a valuable tool. With the license plate number and registered state of a vehicle, many times the owner's name, address and phone number are just a few clicks away. The days of free searches, however, are over. Privacy laws have made access to reverse license plate search databases very limited. Some private companies provide the service, but there will be a charge for access to the records, and there won't be anything included in them that would not be considered public record.

Step 1

Locate a license plate search site that operates databases for all 50 states. is a good place to start. You can also look through the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Driver and Vehicle Services Division's site for database suggestions. The Department of Public Safety does have its own records look-up, but only the owner of the car will have access to those records.

Step 2

Select Minnesota as the state you will be searching and type in the license plate number in the search box of the site you chose. Click "Search." The search will scan the database, and a red message will pop up under the loading screen indicating whether or not there are records for that number. If there are, you will most likely be redirected to a third-party records site such as Undercover Detective that controls the database.

Step 3

Register for the appropriate records access that you need. Business owners who will be using the site to screen the driving records of employees may want to purchase a subscription that lasts several years, while individuals may want to choose a shorter option.

Step 4

Print all of your receipts and correspondence before repeating the search with the state and license number. Once you have registered the documents should appear either to download or to be mailed to you.

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