How to Decode a Kawasaki VIN Number

by John Smith
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The first motorcycle produced by Kawasaki was built in 1954. Known mostly for their line of motorcycles and ATVs, Japan-based Kawasaki is also involved in aerospace, ship and rail transit. All of their consumer goods have a unique vehicle identification number called a VIN. Since 1981, all VIN numbers have a standardized 17-character format. You can use the VIN to gather details about the construction and history of your Kawasaki product.

Step 1

Locate the VIN on your motorcycle. Typically, you can find the VIN on either the bike neck between the handlebars or on the top side of the motor. It will be 17 characters long and will either be stamped on the metal or on a metal tag.

Step 2

Log onto the Motoverse website and type in the 17-character VIN number where indicated. Click "Go" to perform a search of your VIN. The next page will list all of the VIN number details, including the year and engine type.

Step 3

Go to Kawasaki's website and access their parts diagram feature. This is a good second option if Motoverse does not provide you with a VIN breakdown. Under "Vehicle Information," enter the VIN in the space labeled "Search by VIN" then press "Continue." The following page will list details about the vehicle as well as replacement parts.

Step 4

Call Kawasaki and give them the VIN number if you cannot get the information needed online. Their phone number is 800-661-RIDE. They can provide a full breakdown of your vehicle based on the VIN.

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