How Do I Reschedule a New Jersey Road Test Online?

by Bridget KellyUpdated June 22, 2023
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New Jersey residents must hold a current New Jersey driver's license to operate a vehicle in the state. The process to obtain a license includes a vision test, a written test to determine your knowledge of road safety and New Jersey law and a road test. The road test, on which a representative will accompany you, includes parallel parking, turning around, maneuvering the vehicle in reverse and adhering to the rules of the road. It is a 15 minute test and you can schedule a time to take it online. You can also reschedule a current test appointment online. Once you change your appointment, it can't be changed again for 24 hours.

1. Go online

Go online, and navigate to the State of New Jersey website:

2. Click on "Transportation and Motor Vehicles"

Locate the blue horizontal navigation bar in the upper portion of the page. Click on "Transportation and Motor Vehicles."

3. Click on "Vehicles, Licensing, Registration and Regulations"

Click on "Vehicles, Licensing, Registration and Regulations." This text link is located on the left side of the page.

4. Look for the "Licensing" heading

Look for the "Licensing" heading, and click on "Testing and Preparation."

5. Click on the "Road Test"

Click on the "Road Test," text link under the heading "Testing and Preparation."

6. Locate the blue box entitled "RELATED LINKS"

Locate the blue box entitled "RELATED LINKS." Click on the "Road Test Scheduling" text link beneath the heading.

7. Enter the required information in the text boxes

Enter the required information in the text boxes, and click on "Sign In." Follow the instructions on this page to reschedule your appointment.

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