How to Disable the Door Chime on a Silverado

by John Cook

If you're trying to listen to the radio in your Silverado with the door open, then the "door open" warning chime can be very annoying. On most Silverados, there is no way to disable this warning using the factory settings, although you can reduce the volume of the chime sound. However, there are a few non-factory approved methods you can use to disable the door chime. Most of them are fairly easy to accomplish, but you do have to have a basic ability to identify different vehicle parts.

Step 1

Close the door latch while the door is open. On some truck models, this will stop the chime.

Step 2

Identify where the chime is coming from: On some models, it comes from a separate speaker.

Step 3

Cut the wire to the separate speaker to permanently disable the chime.

Step 4

Spray the foam into the speaker so the speaker cannot function; again, this permanently disables the chime.

Install an aftermarket head unit for the radio: This will also stop the chime in some models.

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