Viper Remote Instructions

by Michael Roennevig
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Viper Car Alarms makes advanced automotive security systems that are controlled through the use of a remote device. Viper's popular security and remote start system comes with a remote control that allows the user to activate and deactivate certain functions whilst outside of the vehicle. The remote control is small and easy to use, and is powered by an easily replaceable coin cell battery. It features four buttons that control the main functions of the system.

Step 1

Press and release the lock key, the one with a picture of a closed padlock, to arm the alarm and lock the doors of your car. The horn will sound and the headlights will flash once to confirm that the system is armed. The LED light at the top of the remote control will illuminate.

Step 2

Press and hold the lock button to lock the doors and sound the alarm or enter "Panic Mode." This function should be used in an emergency situation to attract attention.

Step 3

Press and release the unlock button, the one with an open padlock icon, to unlock your vehicle and disarm the alarm. This function will also stop the alarm from sounding if in "Panic Mode."

Step 4

Press and release the "AUX" button to operate in "Silent Mode." This stops the horn from sounding and the lights flashing to confirm activation of the alarm.

Step 5

Press the "Star" key to auto-start your vehicle. This will also turn off your engine if it's running.

Step 6

Open the vehicle door, press the lock button, the unlock button and the lock button again to enter "Valet Mode." This disables the alarm. The LED at the top of the remote control remains lit whilst in "Valet Mode."

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