How to Fix the Headliner on a Dodge Caravan

by James Melzer

The headliner cloth in a Dodge Caravan is attached to the roof of the vehicle with an adhesive glue. Over time the glue breaks down which causes the headliner to sag. It can also become damaged when it is ripped or torn due to an object coming into contact with it. You can purchase new headliner from an automotive supply store, and installing it in your Dodge Caravan is done in less than an hour.

Step 1

Remove the dome light, sun visors, coat hangers, and seat belt brackets with a Phillips head screwdriver. Keep everything together in one place.

Step 2

Remove the old headliner cloth. Pull it off, and pry the inside trim loose around the Dodge Caravan roof away from the headliner board with a flat head screwdriver. Remove the edges of the headliner from underneath the trim.

Step 3

Clean the headliner board with a soft bristled brush. You can also use a portable vacuum for extra cleaning. Make sure there is no leftover headliner cloth attached to the headliner board.

Step 4

Spray the new headliner cloth and headliner board with spray adhesive. Cut square sections of headliner cloth to make it easier to attach.

Step 5

Attach the headliner cloth to the headliner board. Smooth out any wrinkles with your hands. Cut any excess headliner cloth away, but leave a one inch trim around the headliner board. Tuck the excess headliner cloth underneath the trim, and push the trim back into place against the headliner board.

Step 6

Reattach the dome light, sun visors, coat hangers, and seat belt brackets with the Phillips head screwdriver.

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