How do I Fix the Seat Belts in a Ford Explorer?

by Diana Braun

The Ford Explorer is a full-size sport utility vehicle (SUV) manufactured and sold since 1990. The SUV features standard seat belts for all occupants in the front and back seats of the car. The belts feature an automatic locking mechanism that locks the seat belt in place in the case of a sudden stop or accident. If the locking mechanism is too tight or not working properly, it can be reset. Fix a seat belt that isn't working or fitting comfortably by resetting the automatic locking mechanism.

Step 1

Push the release button and remove the seat belt tongue from the buckle. Allow the belt to fully retract.

Step 2

Pull the seat belt across your body and place the belt tongue into the buckle.

Step 3

Grab the shoulder portion of the belt and pull until the entire belt is pulled out.

Step 4

Release the belt to allow it to fully retract. A clicking sound indicates the belt is in automatic locking mode. The seat belt locks in place and tightens to prevent injury in case of a moderate or serious accident.

Step 5

Take your Explorer to an authorized dealer if the seat belt doesn't properly lock in place or doesn't retract. A seat belt that doesn't fit may cause serious injury. Seat belt mechanisms that are damaged or broken need to be diagnosed and remedied immediately.

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