How to Shut the Seat Belt Alarm Off in a Toyota Matrix XR

by Susan Bishop
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It's important to be reminded about safety by your Toyota Matrix alert systems, but sometimes these bells and whistles can be dangerously distracting. Following the steps below will disable your car's driver and front passenger seat belt alarm sounds; to reactivate the system, simply reverse the process.

Step 1

Open the driver's side door. Standing outside the car, reach in and turn the ignition switch to the "On" position. (Do not start the car and do not lean on the driver's seat.)

Step 2

Press the "Odo/Trip" button on the dashboard until the odometer display reads "Odo."

Step 3

Turn the ignition switch off, then turn it back to the "On" position. Within six seconds, press the "Odo/Trip" button again and hold it down for at least 10 seconds.

Step 4

Continue to depress the "Odo/Trip" button. At the same time, fasten the driver's side seat belt and check the odometer display: It should now read "B-On."

Step 5

Release the "Odo/Trip" button and press it again. The display should now read "B-Off."

Step 6

Turn the ignition switch off. Unbuckle the driver's side seat belt. Sit in the driver's seat. Turn the ignition switch on again as you depress the brake pedal. If all steps have been followed correctly, the seat belt alert system should be disabled and no seat belt alarms should sound.

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