How Do I Disconnect a Seat Belt Alarm on a 2006 PT Cruiser?

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

The 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser is equipped with an "Enhanced Belt Warning System." Some drivers may find that this alarm is bothersome. If that's the case, you can easily disconnect the seat belt alarm. The procedure is not a modification; therefore you can easily restore the feature if you decide you want the alarm to come back on. Chrysler does not recommend disconnecting the seat belt alarm nor does it recommend driving without your seat belt.

Step 1

Insert the key into the ignition and turn it counterclockwise to the "Lock" position. Buckle your seat belt.

Step 2

Turn the key clockwise to "On." In this mode, the car's electronic components should be activated, but the engine should not be running.

Step 3

Wait until the seat belt dash light turns off. Unbuckle then buckle the seat belt. Do this three more times. End with the seat belt buckled.

Step 4

Turn the key counterclockwise to "Lock." You'll hear a beep. This tells you that the seat belt alarm is disconnected.

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