How to Disable the Chime in a Ford Econoline Van

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

The Ford Econoline is a series of commercial vans that includes the E150, E250 and E350. There are several warning chimes may hear from time to time while driving the van. The chimes include warnings for the seat belt, headlights and trailer towing system; however, the only chime in the Econoline you can disable is the seat belt warning chime. Disabling this chime allows you to drive without the seat belt without hearing the warning beeps.

Step 1

Put the Econoline van in "Park," turn the engine off, set the parking brake, and ensure all of the van's doors are closed and the headlights are off. Leave the key in the ignition in the "Off" position.

Step 2

Disconnect the driver's side seat belt. Turn the key to "On." Don't crank the Econoline's engine.

Step 3

Monitor the instrument cluster. Wait about one minute until the seat belt light disappears.

Step 4

Connect and then disconnect the seat belt three times, ending with it disconnected. Monitor the instrument panel again. Wait a few seconds for the seat belt light to turn off.

Step 5

Connect then disconnect the seat belt once again. The light will now turn off. The seat belt chime is disabled.

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