How to Disable the Alarm on a 1997 Corolla

by Emily Retherford

Designed to deter thieves, car alarms sometimes deter the owner as well. You need to take your car to a Toyota dealership to disable it permanently. However, your alarm is easy to deactivate on your own if you lose your key fob or lock your keys in the car.

Step 1

Find the override button or toggle. The 1997 Toyota Corolla's factory alarm has a toggle switch instead of a button. However, if you have an after-market alarm it could be a button rather than a toggle. Typically the override -- which is either black or red -- is located under the dashboard, close to knee level when you sit in the driver's seat.

Step 2

Override the system. Simply start the car, then push and flip the switch in the opposite direction. The alarm should chirp once. If you have an override button, start the car, then press and hold in the button until the alarm chirps. The LED light on the dash should stay on, instead of blinking on and off.

Step 3

Reset the alarm. If you have your key fob, follow the procedure again to reset the alarm. If you lost your key fob, purchase a new one from a Toyota dealer and have the technician sync the alarm with your new key fob.

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