How to Convert to a Fram Oil Filter

by Gregory Crews

The Fram filter is one of the more popular filters because of its durable design. The Fram filter is designed with a unique blend of fibers and a special resin to ensure that it catches any dirt before it contaminates your engine oil. The use of a Fram filter will help to prevent your engine from having serious problems down the road. Switching to a Fram filter is simple. When performing your next oil change purchase the Fram filter instead of the previous brand.

Changing to a Fram Filter

Drain the engine oil into a container suitable for automotive oil. The oil pan is located directly underneath the motor. You can purchase a container at your local parts store. Unscrew and remove the drain plug with a crescent wrench.

Screw the drain plug back into the oil pan. TIghten it snug to ensure no oil will leak out.

Unscrew the filter located next to the drain pan. You may need a filter wrench to help loosen it enough to remove by hand.

Dip your finger slightly into the old engine oil. Rub the oil on your fingers around the gasket at the opening of the Fram filter. This will ensure a better seal when tightening.

Screw the Fram filter to the filter assembly. Tighten it as tight as you can by hand. Do not wrench tighten.

Pour your new oil into the crankcase. Check engine oil dipstick to ensure proper level.


  • check It is important to change your engine oil before changing to a new filter. Your filter will not be any good if you run the old engine oil through it.
  • check Be sure to match the old filter number to the Fram number. This will ensure you receive the right size filter. If the number is not legible, access the Fram filter number in the reference manual located by the filters at your parts store. The sales assistants can also retrieve that information for you.


  • close Allow time for the engine to cool down. Working around a hot motor could result in burns.

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