How to Check the Oil in a Z4

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

Luxury automaker BMW is known as a leader in new technology. One of the features of late-model BMW vehicles is the ability to check your oil level without getting your hands dirty. BMW's Z4 roadster is equipped with this technology. The Z4 does not have an oil dipstick--the only way to check the oil is electronically.

Step 1

Allow the engine to run--or drive your Z4--for 10 to 15 minutes to bring the engine to its normal operating temperature. This is necessary to receive an accurate oil level reading.

Step 2

Park your Z4 on level ground but do not shut the engine off. If you park on a slope, the monitor will record an inaccurate oil level reading.

Step 3

Toggle through the information center by pressing the "1" button repeatedly on the turn-signal stalk until the display reads "Oil."

Step 4

Press the "2" button on the turn-signal stalk (located on the end of the stalk).

Step 5

Read the oil level. The display will show a "dipstick" graphic. The oil level should be somewhere in the middle, between "Min" and "Max." If it is low on oil, the indicator will tell you how many quarts to add.

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