How to Reset the Change Oil Light on a Honda Pilot

by Editorial Team

Honda Pilots feature a handy feature known as the "Maintenance Minder." This feature is a digital display located in the dash that informs the owner when to perform routine maintenance. If service is performed at an authorized dealer, the dealer will turn off the Change Oil Light after the service is rendered. If the service is performed elsewhere, the owner may have to turn the light off manually. According to the 2009 Honda Pilot Owner's Manual, this can easily be done.

Step 1

Turn the ignition switch to the On (II) position. The On (II) position is reached by rotating the ignition switch until two clicks are heard.

Step 2

Press the Select/Reset button, located on the steering wheel, and scroll through the options until the Engine Oil Life Display is displayed.

Step 3

Press the Select/Reset button while in the On (II) position. This button is located on the steering wheel and must be pressed for more than 10 seconds, as anything less than 10 seconds will not register. The remaining engine oil life Reset mode will be shown on the multi-information display, as well as a Cancel option.

Step 4

Select the Reset mode by pressing the Info button on the steering wheel, and then press the Select/Reset button to reset the Engine Oil Life Display. Any maintenance item codes and lights displayed will disappear, and the Engine Oil Life will reset to 100%.

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