How to Fill a Model G-489 Hydraulic Floor Jack With Fluid

by Kyle McBride

The Pro-Lift G-489/G-2489 series garage jack utilizes a hand-powered hydraulic ram to lift loads of up to 2 1/2 tons. Hydraulic fluid level and condition is essential for the jack to safely achieve the maximum lift height and weight capacity. Fluid level can drop over time due to fluid weeping around the ram seals and the release valve. To restore the fluid level, add hydraulic fluid using common tools.

Step 1

Rotate the jack handle one-half turn counterclockwise to lower the jack fully. Locate the filler plug on the oil reservoir below and near the pivot point of the lift-arm.

Step 2

Remove the oil filler plug from the reservoir using a ratchet, extension and socket. Insert a small funnel into the oil filler hole.

Step 3

Add hydraulic oil to the reservoir until the oil level is approximately 3/16 inch above the inner cylinder within the oil reservoir. Do not overfill.

Step 4

Install the oil filler plug and tighten it securely using a ratchet, extension and socket.

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