How to Clean a Car's Rusty Fuse Block

by William Zane

The fuse block on your car is an important aspect of the wiring and electrical system. Over time, the fuse block can also become corroded and rusty, which may lead to a poor connection between the fuses and the metal contacts on the fuse block. Cleaning a rusty fuse block takes only a few minutes and ensures that the fuses and the fuse block are functioning properly.

Locate the fuse block. This can be located in a variety of places depending on the make and model but is frequently installed in the engine bay.

Lift of the cover for the fuse block. Remove the fuses that are installed in the fuse block, carefully pulling them out to avoid breaking them. Note which fuse went in which terminal for later reinstallation.

Spray an oxidation solvent on the metal parts of the fuse block, particularly the fuse terminals. Rub any rust and corrosion off with steel wool. Repeat the process of spraying the cleaner on and then scrubbing off any rust and corrosion with the steel wool. Dry the fuse block with a clean, dry rag.

Reinstall the fuses in the block, ensuring that they are installed in the correct terminals. Replace any burned out fuses with new fuses. Reinstall the cover on the fuse block.

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