How to Change the Oil Filter on a 2006 Chevy Impala

by Sam Orr
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A clean oil filter in your 2006 Chevy Impala can be the key to your engine's performance. The oil filter is designed to prevent contaminants and pollutants from reaching the engine and causing damage. Your owner's manual suggests the oil filter be replaced every 3,000 miles along with the oil change. To ensure your engine is operating at peak performance, replace your oil and filter regularly. This will also save you money and prevent unnecessary repairs.

Step 1

Find the oil filter by lying on your back under the front of vehicle. The filter is located on the bottom of the engine beside the coolant reservoir. The filter is covered by a metal bracket secured by a screw. Use your screwdriver to remove the screw. Slide the oil filter mounting bracket to the side with your hand.

Step 2

Turn the oil filter counter clockwise until it disconnects from the mount. Using the excess oil, lubricate the threads of the new oil filter. This will allow the new oil filter to be installed with ease.

Step 3

Using the oil filter wrench, install the new oil filter by turning it clockwise until secure. Make sure the arrows on the new oil filter match the arrows on the mount. This will ensure the oil is flowing in the correct direction.

Step 4

Reposition the oil filter mounting arm over the oil filter and secure using your screwdriver.

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