How Can I Do a Reverse Lookup for a Maryland License Plate?

by Greyson Ferguson
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License plate information is available if you know where to look. Performing a reverse search of a license plate from Maryland allows you to see who the plate is registered to and, depending on the search you perform, the complete address and even the VIN of the vehicle. Although you need to pay for that additional information, you are able to perform the reverse look up of the license plate for free.

Step 1

Open your Internet browser and navigate to a site such as or Both of these sites allow you to look up Maryland license plate information.

Step 2

Type in the license plate number into the provided space. Select "Maryland" if required, then enter in any additional information the site requests (although you may enter a full name or city, it is not required).

Step 3

Click "Search" and the website will search its database for a possible license plate match. If it detects a match, it will inform you, in addition to any informatin about fees required to view the data.

Step 4

Fill in the payment information and click "Submit." Once the website receives your payment it will show you the full name of the registrant of the car, their address, and any other information you request. Additional information often comes with additional fees.

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