How to Build a Snow Plow

by Steve Smith

Building your own snowplow could save you several hundred dollars; they are very expensive. However, you will need the right tools, which include welding equipment and metal-bending tools. If you have access to these tools, and enough space to complete the project, you can build a perfectly functioning snowplow that will mount onto a truck or all-terrain vehicle.

Draw and cut four arced strips that are at least 2 inches wide and outline the shape of the blade from your sheet metal. These will be welded to the back of the snowplow. Cut the ends at an angle to allow the snowplow to rest at an angle on the ground. Set these aside.

Cut the main snowplow shape from the sheet metal. The shape you cut will be a simple rectangle that is about 3 to 4 inches longer than the total height of the blade you want to build. This is to allow for the curve you are going to put in the blade.

Attach the sheet to a roller press and slowly heat the middle of the metal sheet with a blowtorch. Bend the sheet around the roller press while heating the entire length of the metal sheet at once. This will create the curve of the snowplow blade.

Weld the bracing strips you created in Step 1 to the back of the snowplow blade. Each one should be spaced evenly along the blade and in the vertical position.

Attach the iron snowplow blade. This is a 3-inch wide strip of iron that can be ground to a dull point on one end. Simply drill holes into the bottom of the sheet metal blade using a 7/16-inch steel drill bit. Drill matching holes in the iron strip using a carbide-tipped drill bit and high-speed drill.

Attach the iron blade to the snowplow blade using steel rivets. Heat and rivet the iron blade to the snowplow using a rivet press.

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