How to Build an ATV Snowplow

by Steve Smith
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Building your own ATV snowplow involves getting the right tools, steel and welding equipment. You'll need to choose a design and style that is right for your needs. Do you want a curved blade that throws snow to one side, or one that throws snow to both sides? You'll also need to buy a raising mechanism and mounting attachment kit, because building one is very involved, and they aren't as expensive as the blade. If you build your own, you are likely to break a brace and give yourself several more wasted hours of repair on the attachment, plow blade and ATV.

Step 1

Buy several sections of 4-by-4 inch 12-gauge steel that is at least 1/4 inch thick, or one section of 12-gauge steel that is the thickness of the plow blade. You can bend one thick section or bend and layer several sections. Either way, you need enough sheets to match the blade thickness you desire. Steel is sold in sheets at hardware stores, Home Depot and online at various outlets, and can be bought in small quantities.

Step 2

Cut out the shape of the plow (accounting for the bend curve) from your steel sheet using a metal saw. Be precise on the bottom edge and top edge. A straight-curved blade will simply have a straight edge on the top and bottom, but a shaped blade that throws snow to the side will be much wider on one end.

Step 3

Build a steel press. Use a large steel roller and the inside of an oil barrel, or anything else that is large enough to form the curve with your blade. Place the steel on the form and apply a heat source, then bend the steel around the form with a heavy iron weight or steel bars. You can also buy a steel press at a hardware supplier.

Step 4

Cut bracing from your steel sheets for the back side of the plow. Trace the curve of the blade on the metal and cut them out using a metal saw. Then weld them to the back of the snowplow.

Step 5

Weld on the attachments for your mounting system and lifting mechanism to the the back of the blade. You will have to consult your mounting mechanism diagrams to see what size and thickness these mounts need to be.

Step 6

Prime your large blade with a solid, very rust-proof paint. Use several coats of primer until you're satisfied with the rust-proofing. Paint with a final coat of water- and rust-proof paint (usually in yellow, red or orange).

Step 7

Cut a section from your iron sheet that is as long as the plow and about 4 inches wide. This will be the blade. Sharpen one edge slightly into a dull point. Lay this on the end of the snowplow and drill holes in both about 5 inches apart to prepare to rivet the two together.

Step 8

Hot rivet the iron blade to the larger steel snowplow blade and let the rivets set. Your snowplow is now ready for use.

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