How to Attach a Front License Plate to a Civic Bumper

by John Smith
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Some States require that you have several different identification labels on your car. Police have a much easier time recognizing vehicles when the details of that car are readily visible. A front license plate is required in certain States, and not having one attached can cause you to get a ticket. The Honda Civic is one of the most popular cars in the country and it usually comes ready for a front plate installation. If you aren't sure how to attach the plate, you might need to first install a front mount.

Attach the Mount

Step 1

Kneel down in front of your car and locate the four screws on your Civic bumper. These are located in the exact center of the car bumper. If you do not see any screws, then you might not have a front mount installed. If your state requires you to have a front plate license, then the Honda dealership will install one for free. Other places charge a small fee, but you can also install it yourself.

Step 2

Locate the two holes in the underside of the front bumper. The mount will attach to these holes.

Step 3

Line up the mount to the two holes. If the mount came with washers, put those in between the mount and the screw. Washers are used to keep the screw from tearing up the mount (or the plate).

Tighten the screws into the mount so that it securely attaches to the front bumper.

Attach the Plate

Step 1

Take your screwdriver and remove the screws (if you just installed a new mount, skip to step 3). Turn counterclockwise (twist left) to loosen the screws. Set the screws aside in a cup or bag so that they do not accidentally roll away.

Step 2

Remove any old plate that might be attached. Sometimes the dealership will put a fake plate there temporarily. If so, remove the attached plate and set aside. There also might be old washers on the screws. If so, hold on to them.

Step 3

Match up the plate to the four holes to be sure everything will fit.

Place the washer in front of the hole on the plate face, and insert the screws. Use the screwdriver to tighten up the plate. Repeat this process for all four screws. The plate should be touching the bumper, and the washers should be in between the plate and the screw heads.

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