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How to Open a Keyless Remote

by Justin Cupler

A keyless entry remote, known as a key fob, is powered by a thin, watch-style, battery. When this battery fails, there is only one way to replace it. You must open the key fob and remove the battery from the circuit board. You will begin to notice that the distance you can unlock the doors gets shorter; this is when the battery should be replaced. If this is ignored, one day the remote will not work at all. On some vehicles, when this remote stops working, you cannot disable the alarm.

Lay the key fob on a flat surface, buttons-down.

Examine the rear of the key fob and locate the screw(s) on the rear. There may be one to four screws, depending on the style. Note: Some fobs do not have screws. If so, skip to Step 4.

Loosen the screw(s) using a screwdriver.

Place a flat-head screwdriver so the head is between the two halves of the fob.

Lightly turn the screwdriver to separate the two halves.

Pull the two fob halves away from each other, by hand. This exposes the key fob internals.

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