How to Remove the Rear Brake Pads on a Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic

by Jim Murkot Sr.
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Regular inspection of the brake components on your motorcycle is a must. When you determine that brake pad thickness has fallen below minimum wear levels on your ride, it is time to change them out. Removing the brake pads from a Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic is a task easily performed by the average rider. A few simple tools and a can-do attitude are more than enough to be successful in this endeavor.

Step 1

Turn the release tabs and remove the right-sided Ultra Classic saddlebag. Loosen the two pad pins on brake caliper with a nut driver, but do not remove. Remove both screws from the rear master cylinder cover with a cross-tip screwdriver. Set the cover aside in a clean, dry location to prevent contamination.

Step 2

Place a drain pan underneath the rear master cylinder. Apply pressure to the inside pad with a putty knife, forcing the brake caliper piston to retract. Force the piston to sufficiently retract so as to allow room to insert a new pad, if necessary. Pull out the two pad pins part of the way to drop the brake pads. Dispose of the worn brake pads.

Step 3

Fill the rear brake master cylinder to the fill-line with Harley DOT 5 silicone brake fluid. Install the rear master cylinder cover.

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