How to Attach the Front License Plate of a Mercedes

by Zachery Bennett
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Many states in the U.S. require a front license plate, many do not. Regardless of which side(s) you need to put your license plate(s) on, the general process of doing so is the exact same. Unless the bolts used to screw in the license plate are lost, you do not need to worry about buying the right kind of hardware. Attaching the front license plate to a Mercedes is much like any other car because the license plate mount is somewhat of a standard in the industry; however, there are "No-Holes" license plate mounts available.

Step 1

Remove the screws from the license plate mount with the screwdriver. The type of screwdriver needed may need to be either a Phillips or flat-head, depending on how old the Mercedes is (or if you decide to purchase your own screws). There should be four screws to unscrew; however, two can hold it up.

Step 2

Align the license plate holes with the holes in the license plate mount. Place the screws through the license plate and into the holes in the mount. Put them in one at a time and manually screw them in with your hands. Do this for each one until they become stable enough to hold the license plate.

Step 3

Screw the screws completely into the holes of the mount and license plate using the screwdriver. Keep them tight so they will not budge, but don't go too far to avoid stripping the screws. If the screws are stripped, the plate is more vulnerable to coming lose and falling of the car. Make each of the four screws are tight, then wiggle the license plate to test how sturdy it is. If it doesn't budge, you're good to go.

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