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What Type of Screws to Use to Screw in Subwoofers?

by Adam Smith

Choosing the correct type of screw for attaching a subwoofer to a subwoofer box is imperative. Subwoofers generate vibrations and can easily loosen a screw that is too small. If a screw is loosened, sound quality may diminish and the subwoofer could even fall out of the subwoofer box. This can result in damage to the subwoofer.


The length of the screw that should be used to attach a subwoofer to a subwoofer box is 2 inches. This provides ample room for the screw to go through the subwoofer mounting bracket and into the material of the subwoofer box. Subwoofer boxes tend to be thick, usually around .75 inches, so anything less than a 2-inch screw is inadequate.


The type of screw that should be used in subwoofer applications is a drywall screw. These screws are rugged and have a desirable shape for holding a subwoofer to a subwoofer box. Other screws may have inadequate threading which could cause the subwoofer to fall out of the subwoofer box.


It is extremely important to use only new, undamaged screws when fastening a subwoofer to a subwoofer box. While strength is the main concern, an older or damaged screw may break apart after years of use. Small pieces of metal could potentially damage the subwoofer.

Number of Screws

While a 2-inch drywall screw is the appropriate type of screw to use, it is important to use the correct number of screws as well. Different subwoofer models and manufacturers require different numbers of screws. Always consult the manufacturer's manual and use the correct number of screws.

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