How to Adjust the Headlights in a Toyota Tundra

by Editorial Team

Toyota recommends adjusting the headlights on your Toyota Tundra after you replace a burnt-out bulb. Even if you don't replace the bulb, check the alignment at least once every 12 months. While Toyota recommends taking your truck to a certified dealer, you can adjust the headlights with just a Phillips screwdriver.

Step 1

Use a wall and a level surface to find the correct alignment for your Toyota Tundra headlights. Replicate your normal driving conditions like the amount of cargo weight, the fuel level and the tire pressure. Park the truck 25 feet away from the wall and gently rock the truck to settle the suspension.

Step 2

Find the measurement from the center of the headlight to the ground and transfer the mark to the wall using masking tape or a writing utensil. The mark needs to be visible from the truck.

Step 3

Open the hood of the truck and turn your headlights on. Toyota locates the adjustments screws on the headlight housing. You will only be able to adjust the vertical trajectory as there isn't a horizontal adjustment screw in the Toyota Tundra.

Step 4

Insert a number 2 Phillips screwdriver into the hole in front of the mounting screw on the headlight assembly. You adjust each headlight individually. Use the mark as a reference point for your headlights. You want the low beam to be within two-inches of the mark, which centers the high beam directly on the mark.

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