How to Adjust Headlights on a Saturn SC2

by Alibaster Smith

The headlights on your Saturn SC2 must be properly aligned for safe nighttime travel. Since the SC2 sits a bit low to the ground and the headlamp assembly is short and elongated, you'll need to make sure that the lamps are not adjusted too far downward. A common technique to make sure that you aren't blinding oncoming motorists is aiming the headlights downwards. However, be careful when doing this on the SC2, or you won't have much of a projection area in front of you.

Locate the vertical and horizontal adjustment screws on your Saturn. The horizontal adjustment screw is on the inside of the headlight housing, while the vertical screw is on the top of the headlight.

Park the SC2 so that it is facing a flat surface that the headlights can shine on. Make sure that the headlights are roughly 10 feet away from the surface.

Mark the center line of the headlights on the flat surface. To do this, locate the center of the headlight on a vertical axis, then find the center of the headlight on a horizontal axis. Mark both the horizontal and vertical axis on the flat surface.

Turn on the headlights. Adjust the headlights so that the beam is centered on the horizontal axis and two inches to the right of the vertical axis.

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