How to Adjust the Headlight for a 2002 Silverado

by Chris Moore

Your 2002 Chevy Silverado's headlights need to be properly centered in order to give you the best coverage for safe driving and for protecting other drivers from the glare of the lights. You must adjust the headlight position if you ever change the headlamp or the bulbs.The Silverado's lights have a standard range of about 25 feet, and you will need to work within this range. It is best to do this adjustment when the fuel tank is half full and the truck is not carrying an unusually heavy load.

Step 1

Park the Silverado on a level surface, with the headlights facing a blank wall 25 feet away. You may need to find an empty parking lot adjacent to a building to do this.

Step 2

Place masking tape on the wall, in vertical stripes that line up with both the center of the truck and the vertical center line of each headlight.

Step 3

Place horizontal stripes of tape that line up with the horizontal center lines of the headlights. This will give you two masking tape crosses, where their center points line up with the center points of the headlights.

Step 4

Open the hood to reveal the alignment screws--they are located in a hole directly above the headlight. Turning these screws will require a T15 Torx screwdriver.

Step 5

Turn on the low beams and turn each screw until the headlight's "high-intensity zone" is positioned two inches below the horizontal center line and two inches to the inside the headlight's vertical center line (pointing slightly toward the truck center).

Step 6

Switch to the high beams and adjust the positioning so that the high zone lines up with the truck's center line, a couple of inches below the horizontal center line.

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