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How to Adjust the Headlights in a Chevy Camaro

by Contributor

The Chevy Camaro, designed to rival the Mustang, first debuted in 1966. Although the exterior changes from year to year, the way you adjust the headlights remains fairly consistent. With just a set of hex keys, you can easily adjust the headlights without taking your Camaro into the shop.

Step 1

Use a vehicle with the headlights properly adjusted to guide the trajectory on your Chevy Camaro. Park the template vehicle behind another car and mark the position of the headlights with masking tape on the front vehicle.

Step 2

Park your Chevy Camaro behind the front vehicle, making sure you park the same distance away as the template car did. You want the car to be in the same condition you drive it in-consider you fuel level, tire pressure and cargo. If you plan to adjust the headlights outside, wait until dark. For indoor adjustments, dim or turn off the lights.

Step 3

Turn on the headlights. You want to use a hex key that fits the adjustment screws located on the headlight to adjust the vertical and horizontal trajectories. Keep an eye on the masking tape as you adjust. You want to make gradual adjustments until the center of the trajectory matches the masking tape marks.

Test drive your Chevy Camaro to determine whether you made the correct adjustments. Keep an eye for oncoming drivers who flash their headlights at you. This often indicates you pointed your headlights too high.


  • Lubricate the adjustment screws to prevent stripping.


  • The adjustment screws sit close to the body of the car-use extra care to avoid scratching your paint.

Items you will need

  • Hex key set

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