How to Add a Second Owner to a Title

by Tiffany Raiford
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Adding a name to your title is a relatively simple process, but it is a big decision to make. Adding a name to your title means that you are now sharing rights to that vehicle, including financial rights. You can add a name to any vehicle title, regardless of whether the vehicle has a lien or you own it outright. Once you've made the decision to add someone to the title of your car, contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles to make an appointment.

Without a Lien

Step 1

Add the name of your intended co-owner to your vehicle title in the space provided for co-ownership information. Your co-owner must be aware of, and in agreement to becoming a co-owner. Sign the title.

Step 2

Visit your local Department of Motor Vehicles with your vehicle title and the current registration. You have to register any changes made to your title with the DMV.

Pay the title change fee, which is different in every state. The fee is not a large one but you should be prepared to pay the fee with an acceptable method of payment, which also differs at DMV offices.

With a Lien

Step 1

Add a name to your vehicle title with a lien by contacting your lien holder for permission. If you are granted permission your lien holder is responsible for ordering a new title and adding the name to the title themselves.

Step 2

Add the name of your new co-owner to your vehicle insurance by calling your insurance company and providing the requested information to them.

Take your new title and insurance to your local DMV for registration and to pay the title change fee.

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