How to Add a 3rd Row Seat in a Vehicle

by Tia Shamoon
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Purchasing an SUV that was equipped with only two rows of seats does not always mean you can't add a third row. Significant lifestyle changes such as having children can create a greater need for added space. Taking the time to install a third row seat can save money and provide room for up to nine people, depending on the other rows' capacities. Vehicles with third row seats can make traveling easier for large families.

Step 1

Fold down the second row seats for additional working space. Remove all accessory components from the inside rear of the vehicle. Use an electric drill and the appropriate sized sockets to remove the bolts and tie downs that hold the carpet lining in place.

Step 2

Pop off the back floor panel and pull the carpet lining over the folded back seats to expose the metal flooring. Use a putty knife to wedge the putty tabs from each bracket indention in the floor. Pull the tabs out of the holes with a pair of pliers.

Step 3

Place the brackets into each bracket indention. Align the brackets over the bolt holes and drill in the bolts to secure in place. Fold the carpet lining down over the brackets and use industrial scissors to cut out holes for them to fit through.

Step 4

Attach the back panel over the carpet. Drill the bolts and tie downs back into the floor to hold the carpet lining down. Position the third row seat over the brackets and snap into place.

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