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OnStar is a service installed on General Motor cars that provides you with navigation instructions to your specific destination. OnStar services include hands-free calling, emergency and security services, vehicle diagnostics and turn-by-turn navigation. According to the GM website, the system has over 10 millions points of interest in 350 categories. The OnStar Advisor is able to locate where you are and determine the most appropriate route to get you to your destination quickly.

Locate the blue OnStar button on your rearview mirror. Press the button and wait for an OnStar Advisor to greet you. Each Advisor has access to the OnStar database and can search for the directions you need. Make sure that you have a subscription to OnStar or the navigation directions will not work.

Tell the Advisor your destination. Tell her the address where you want to be headed and she will locate directions for you. These directions will then be sent to the OnStar system in your car. The Advisor will tell you that she will disconnect the call and you will soon receive your directions.

Listen for the navigation speaker as it tells you your current location. The voice navigation system will tell you your current street and will direct you to where you need to go. Check to see if the turns and street names are displayed on the Driver Information Center located in your car's control panel. This will guide you visually as the voice guide directs you.

Follow the directions as the speaker tells you the upcoming street names and distances of the turns. If you get lost or take wrong turns, the Turn-By-Turn system will help you get back on track. The Driver Information Center will display that you are off-route, and will recalculate the directions to get you back on the right route.

Update your routes if you need to stop by somewhere else first. For example, you may need to go to an ATM or coffee shop before continuing on to your destination. You may press the OnStar button to speak with the Advisor and he will update your route and send you the new directions.


  • check The voice prompts can be set to English or Spanish.

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