How to Find Out If My Traffic Ticket Has Been Cleared

by Tanya Gulliver
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Having a past traffic ticket on your driver's license can have a negative effect on your insurance rates or employment opportunities. Each state sets different regulations determining the length of time a ticket will stay on your record. Usually, less serious offenses - speeding, failing to signal - are removed faster than more significant offenses such as driving while intoxicated. You should stay on top of your driving record to make sure it is accurate. Obtaining an abstract of your license or driving record will help.

Step 1

Check your record with your state's Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). This usually needs to be done in-person. Some states, however, may have on-site computerized service kiosks that allow you to obtain your record from a machine. There will likely be a small charge for this service. If you are paying a ticket, your DMV may give you an abstract for free.

Step 2

Contact the court that issued your ticket if you are unsure whether the money was paid on your ticket. Contact details should be on the back of your ticket.

Step 3

Utilize an online search service. These allow you to select the state where your license was issued and obtain a copy of your driving record. An online service will be more expensive than going directly to the DMV, but it is faster and more convenient.

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