How to Get a Waiver for a Car Inspection in Pennsylvania

by Jimmy Boyd
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Pennsylvania requires two yearly inspections for motor vehicles. In addition to a federal safety inspection, Pennsylvania has an emissions inspection for gasoline vehicles in certain counties. The state seeks to protect the environment by reducing harmful vehicle emissions. However, it offers a waiver in certain circumstances when a car does not pass inspection.

Step 1

Find an approved Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) emissions inspection station. PennDOT certifies inspection stations throughout the state. You must pick a certified station to get an emissions sticker or qualify for an emissions waiver. Pennsylvania's Drive Clean website has a list of approved stations. Click on the city, regional or county links to find a station. You must conduct your inspection and get a waiver in the county where you register your vehicle.

Step 2

Have the station do an auto emissions inspection. Your car must fail the Pennsylvania vehicle inspection first before you can obtain a waiver. Each station determines its own fees and must post the fee at the inspection station.

Step 3

Get emissions-related repairs. You will have to spend at least $150 to get a waiver for your emissions test as of 2010. However, ask the repair shop for an estimate before allowing them to proceed with repairs. Sufficient repairs may cost less than $150. You do not have to spend $150 if less expensive repairs can fix your emissions problem. You may have your repairs done at either the emissions inspection station or a different repair shop. Get a repair receipt as proof that you have made the required repairs.

Step 4

Have the inspection center perform another emissions inspection. You receive a free second inspection after making the repairs. You will receive a one-year emissions inspection waiver from the inspection station so long as you have spent at least $150 in repairs.

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