How to Get a Title Search in South Carolina

by Duncan Jenkins
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The title to your home is the final review made by an abstractor. A title search involves a thorough look at all of the recorded documents attached to your home. In South Carolina, a deed is not an ownership document; rather it simply conveys ownership. The title is the ownership document. You can perform a title search on your own, but hiring a professional will ensure accuracy.

Step 1

Collect all information about your property first. Go through your house records. Visit the Registry of Deeds for the South Carolina town where you reside. Put together all conveyance deeds (warranty deeds, quitclaim deeds), mortgages (both open and paid) and any tax liens (if applicable). This will speed the title search process.

Step 2

Research title insurance companies. These are the businesses that either have abstractors on staff or on a subcontract. Some examples of South Carolina title companies include Investors Title Insurance Company, Sciway Title Insurance and Old Republic National Title Insurance company. All of these companies have branches statewide.

Step 3

Compare the fees presented by each company in the state. South Carolina title insurance companies often have contracts with mortgage companies, but you will need to pay a bit more for an unaffiliated search. Rates can range from $100 to $500. You may also find a self-employed abstractor who charges by the hour.

Step 4

Choose a title insurance company. Present the abstractor with all of the information you collected in Step 1. Make sure to give her all information regarding state tax liens--especially if they are from the South Carolina Department of Revenue. These must be included in the title search.

Step 5

Wait for the completed report. A skilled abstractor can complete a comprehensive title search in as little as one to two days. Check the title report for accuracy. Keep the full report in your house records.

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