How to Use a Murano All Wheel Drive

by Patrick Nelson
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The Nissan Murano crossover utility vehicle has an all-wheel drive system that strikes a balance between a fully fledged four wheel drive and a regular two-wheel drive. The vehicle automatically maintains all-wheel drive where the distribution or torque to the front and rear wheels changes automatically depending on road conditions. You can drive on paved or slippery paved roads without losing traction. There is also a locking mode to hold the all wheel drive system in a more aggressive distribution which is used on rough roads.

Step 1

Identify the AWD switch. It's on the lower side of the instrument panel. It's used to switch between "Auto" and "Lock."

Step 2

Drive the vehicle normally on paved or paved slippery roads. The AWD will be engaged in "Auto" mode. The computer will make drive train adjustments. The AWD Lock indicator light will be off.

Step 3

Drive the vehicle onto a rough road. Maintain a straight line and press the AWD button. The AWD will switch into the more aggressive "Lock" mode. Don't operate the AWD button when the front wheels are spinning, or when you are backing up. The AWD Lock indicator will come on. Take advantage of the lock mode by driving the vehicle off-road or along rutted, sandy, snowy or muddy roads.

Step 4

Press the AWD switch again to go back to unlocked AWD when you reach a paved or paved slippery road.

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