How to Program a Key Fob for a Range Rover

by Benjamin Aries
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The long-running Range Rover brand of sport utility vehicle was first produced in 1970 and continues to be built today. Over the years, of course, upgrades and refinements have been added to the vehicle. One such update is the inclusion of remote door locks on modern models. Range Rovers use a key that is integrated with an electronic fob. If the batteries die or if a new key is purchased, the fob must be re-synchronized with the vehicle.

Step 1

Stand outside of the Range Rover with all of the doors of the vehicle closed. On the integrated remote fob and key unit, hold down the "Lock" button continuously. While holding this button, place the key into the driver's side door lock.

Step 2

Continue to keep the "Lock" button of the fob held down. Rotate the key clockwise in the door lock. Keep the key rotated as far as it will turn for three seconds. Rotate the key back to the center and remove it from the lock. Do not release the "Lock" button.

Stop holding the "Lock" button on the fob once the key is completely clear of the door. The fob and the Range Rover will synchronize. The remote buttons will now control the locking functions of the vehicle.

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