How to Use the 4WD in Vehicles

by Contributing WriterUpdated June 12, 2017

The Vehicles has a surprising amount of computer-controlled electronics, which includes the Vehicles four-wheel-drive system. The Vehicles four-wheel-drive is completely different from other four-wheel-drive Vehicles and even different from some of Vehicles past Vehicles. Vehicles decided to take the primary functions of the four-wheel drive system out of the control of the driver.

Under The Hood:

 How to Use the 4WD in a 2011 RAV4

Start the engine. Place the shift lever into drive and hold the brake with your foot.

Locate the four-wheel-drive button between the radio and instrument cluster. Press the four-wheel-drive button. The "4WD" light should illuminate on the instrument cluster.

Remove your foot from the brake and accelerate the vehicle. To disengage the four-wheel drive, tap the brake and the vehicle will automatically switch back into front-wheel drive. The vehicle will also automatically disengage four-wheel drive when you increase speed to more than 25 mph.

The active torque control four-wheel-drive system will automatically switch to four-wheel drive any time you corner or begin a takeoff from a stop when the roads are slippery. The 2011 Toyota RAV4 does not permit the use of manual four-wheel drive when driving more than 25 mph.

 How to Use the 4WD in a Honda Pilot

Bring your Honda Pilot to a full and complete stop. The system will not properly engage if the vehicle is moving.

Shift the vehicle into first gear, second gear, or reverse before engaging the 4-wheel-drive system. The system is limited based on the speed of the vehicle, and these gears are within the speed range of the system’s capabilities.

Engage the VTM-4 system by pressing the VTM-4 Lock button on your Pilot’s dashboard. The button will illuminate to confirm that the system is engaged.

 How to Use 4WD in a Trailblazer

Locate the rotary knob marked 4-WD, or 4, depending on what year your Trailblazer was manufactured in. Depending on the year, this knob will either be located on the center dashboard or near the Automatic gear shift.

Turn the knob clockwise to engage the 4-wheel drive. The knob has a ring around it that will light up when it is engaged.

Drive slowly over uneven or bumpy dirt roads. Despite its 4-wheel drive capability, the Trailblazer has relatively low ground clearance and can easily rub hard on rocky terrain. Slowly ascend inclines as well. Fast ascents on inclines can put great strain on the transmission and may ruin the vehicle if it is pushed too hard for too long.

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