How to Turn Off Automatic Door Locks on a Jeep When It is Put in Gear

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski
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Late-model Jeep vehicles have a feature known as "Auto Lock." This feature automatically locks your Jeep's doors when the gearshift moves from "Park" to "Drive." When the gearshift is returned to "Park," the doors automatically unlock. This setting is customizable. You can turn the feature off on all Jeep models, including the Wrangler, Grand Cherokee and Commander. The Wrangler is not equipped with Jeep's EVIC (Electronic Vehicle Information Control) system, so the process is different.

Without EVIC

Step 1

Insert your key into the ignition (do not turn) and close all the doors (leave them unlocked).

Step 2

Turn the key from "Lock" to "On" (without cranking) four times. End with the key in the "Lock" position.

Press the "Lock" button on the power door lock switch.


Step 1

Put the gearshift in "Park," and crank the engine. Press the "Menu" button on the dash until "Personal Settings" displays.

Step 2

Press "Scroll" until "Auto Door Locks" displays on the cluster.

Press "Function Select" to change the display from "Y" to "N." Turn the engine off.

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